Our archival washers have been in production longer than any other unit in the industry.  They feature stainless steel tanks which are lighter and more durable than the acrylic tanks used in competitive products.  They occupy a smaller footprint in your sink which leaves more room for trays.  We have made thousands of these washers in the last thirty years and they can be found in the darkrooms of many schools, fine art photographers and commercial labs. 

This washer was pictured in later editions of “The Print” by Ansel Adams, extensively reviewed by David Vestal in “The Art of Black and White Enlarging” and tested and reviewed in “Popular Photography,”  “Modern Photography,” and “Darkroom Techniques .”  In our humble opinion it is still the best product available in terms of value and performance.

The washer works by introducing water thru a multi-port manifold at the bottom of the tank.  When the tank is full it overflows thru drain holes at the top of the tank.  A small “hypo vent hole” at the bottom of the tank provides an exit for heavier than water fixer salts which might accumulate.   This small hole also allows the tank to drain when you are finished washing.  All of the draining action occurs from the front of the tank, so the washer can be placed on a shelf or counter adjacent to the sink and allowed to drain into the sink, if so desired. 

The 11 x 14 version has a stainless steel tank which occupies a 5” x 18” area in your sink. The basket is high impact polystyrene and will hold 10 - 11 x 14 prints, 20 - 8 x 10 prints, or 30 -  5 x 7 prints.  If you are washing only 8 x 10 prints a removable center pin is provided which prevents prints from overlapping inside the basket.

The 16 x 20 washer has a stainless steel tank which occupies a 7” x 22” area in your sink.  It holds ten 16 x 20 prints.  The print basket is made of acrylic plastic. 

A floating lid is supplied which can be used to hold down those papers which tend to float out of the tank.  It also keeps out dust when the washer is not in use.


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