We try to ship our products by the most economical carrier.  Small things can go parcel post, medium size things can go UPS or Fedex, large things have to go by truck freight common carrier, COD for delivery charges. 

The size of the product you want will determine if it can go UPS,  Fedex  or common carrier.  The maximum size package UPS will handle is 130 girth plus length.  Fedex will handle packages up to 165 girth plus length.  UPS and Fedex  are much cheaper than truck freight COD.  Generally, sinks up to 4 in length can be shipped UPS,  Fedex can take 5 and some 6 sinks, anything larger has to go by truck.

Because UPS and truck carriers are quite brutal in the way they treat their packages it is necessary that that anything we ship be crated.  Crating materials are expensive and building crates is time consuming, so we add 15% to your bill for crating.

We are located in southwest Michigan about 140 miles from Chicago.   If you live nearby and feel like taking a drive to the country you are welcome to come out and pick  up your order, no crating or delivery charges if you choose this route.

We sometimes deliver to northern Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and nearby Wisconsin.  Crating is not necessary when we deliver.  

If your order has to go by  common carrier-truck the delivery charges will be collected by the driver when he delivers your package.  We call the freight company and give them the size and weight of your package and they tell us the charges they will be collecting.  If we ship UPS we prepay the shipping charges and add them to your order.   It is difficult to determine exact shipping costs for Fedex or UPS until the unit you want has been crated, weighed and measured, we can give you a rough estimate after you place your order

In any case, we need to talk when you place our order to determine the best method of shipping,
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