Stainless steel has become popular in  kitchens because of its durability and appearance.  We can make stainless backsplashes for behind your range or sink or counter.  Our material is brush finish 304 grade stainless, which is a better, more durable grade than the 430 which is generally used by appliance makers.  If you are building a range or cooktop surround we suggest you buy the hood from your local big box store and we can provide the wall covering as per your measurements.  Frequently we will put a 1 or 2 bend at the bottom of the backsplash which caps off or covers the gap between the wall and cooktop or range or sink pan.  When we do this for a range it provides a shelf between the top of the range and the wall.   If there is an exposed cabinet side adjacent to your stove or cooktop we can make a stainless cap to cover it and protect it from spatters.

A frequent problem with formica countertops is delamination in front of the sink or built in cooktop.  If you have this problem we can make  a stainless steel cap to cover  the problem area and save you the expense of replacing the counter.

We have also made stainless shelf brackets and shelving.  If there is something in your kitchen that begs to be made from stainless, contact us and maybe we can help.


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