Most of our products are sold by retail stores and we get feedback from our sellers on who is buying our sinks and what they are being used for.  We were surprised to learn that some of our sinks were being purchased by greenhouse users.  After some head scratching we realized that developing prints and potting plants share some similar needs; both processes are wet, messy and need a large surface area on which to work.

If you start and transplant seedlings in large quantities you will find that a stainless steel sink can simplify and streamline your efforts.  Our sinks are essentially a large shallow countertop; you can fill the sink  with flats and smaller pots, charge the containers with potting soil and saturate the soil by filling the sink with an inch of water and letting the soil soak up the requisite moisture from below. After you have planted your seeds cleanup is easy as you can hose the mess down the drain.

As your plants grow the sink can also be used as a shallow water jacket for bottom watering.  Fill the sink with flats or pots, add an inch or two of water and let the soil draw its water from below.  This type of watering sometimes helps to minimize damping off disease and mildew as the plant itself  does not get wet.

The floor stays dry, you donít have to worry about rotting wood surfaces, and cleaning up when youíre done is easy.  Try one of these, youíll like it.  If you have an existing bench or table you can buy just the pan or we can supply a sink and stand if so desired.  With our wide range of sizes you find something just the right size for your needs, or we can build a sink to a custom size for your spot.


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