Rosy Products is a small scale manufacturer of stainless steel sinks and sheet metal products. We have primarily served the photographic industry but over the years we have found that many of our offerings have crossover uses in restaurant, greenhouse and animal care  areas.  Essentially everything we do is custom work, made to the dimensions and specifications of the end user, and we can offer service and consideration to large, small, eccentric and conventional customer requests.

We started out almost thirty five years ago as the manufacturing and service division of Darkroom Aids company in Chicago.  Over the years we  have produced thousands of stainless steel darkroom sinks, archival print washers,  film and print dryers and custom trays, mural developing troughs and paraphernalia for the photofinishing trade.  Our products are used by many universities, custom labs, photofinishers and advanced amateur photographers.  We wholesale material to retailers and manufacturers in the trade and also sell direct to the consumer.

As suppliers of darkroom gear we are often called upon to help design darkrooms and repair existing darkroom equipment.  The repair facilities at Darkroom Aids Co. were unique in offering economical skilled service on enlargers, timers, colorheads, dry mounting presses, dryers and miscellany necessary to chemical photofinishing.  We continue this tradition and might be the only venue left for repair of some brands of  darkroom material.

We have designed darkrooms for schools, professional photographers, and advanced fine art aficionados.  Numerous schools  have used our design services for their educational facilities and we do service calls for schools throughout the midwest when called upon.  

The core of our business is custom metal work and people frequently ask us, “Hey, can you make me this?”  Sometimes these tangential requests have led to new areas outside of photography.  We have made salad bar sink liners, dog bathtubs, utility sinks, greenhouse potting sinks, custom stainless backsplashes for kitchens and repair parts and stainless accents for restaurants.  “No job too small” is an old expression but in our case its probably true and if you can imagine it we might be able to make it.


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