We offer a wide range of services to schools, businesses and photographers looking for help with hard to find solutions to darkroom problems.  These include darkroom design and installation,  repairs on photographic equipment, routine maintenance on school darkroom equipment and consultation and advice on problems encountered with cantankerous machinery.

We can repair a wide range of darkroom equipment.  Brands we have repaired include Time-O-Lite timers, Gra-Lab timers, Beseler timers, Omega and Beseler colorheads and  enlargers, Arkay dryers, Pako dryers, Seal dry mount presses,  in short almost anything one might encounter in a wet lab.  If you have a repair problem, call us and maybe we can help you out.

We also repair and restore view cameras, studio lighting equipment, Beattie portrait cameras and photographic esoterica of all sorts.  I have studied at Kodak and Nord on printers and processors, managed school portrait houses and college darkrooms, worked photo retail and bought, sold, repaired and examined equipment  from at least a century of silver image photography.

It is probably safe to say that we have designed and installed more darkrooms throughout the Midwest than anyone else in the business.  We have designed darkrooms for Columbia College, Northwestern University, Loyola University Chicago and other schools.   Dozens if not hundreds of advanced amateur and professional photographers have come to us to design and install darkrooms.  Our rates are reasonable and we offer personalized service and equipment custom built to fit your needs. 

Another service we offer to schools is on site maintenance of darkroom equipment.  We can come to your facility and align, clean, lubricate and perform repairs to enlargers, timers and dryers which have  been abused by students and need tender loving care.  We have yearly arrangements with some schools for routine service tune ups.  Using our services can extend the life of  most equipment almost indefinitely.  It is much cheaper to maintain your investment than it is to replace it.  If you are within our service range and need help, we would be glad to try to help you out.

Last but not least is advice and consultation for problems in the darkroom.  If something is driving you nuts with a piece of gear in your darkroom we might be able to help you out.  I offer free advice on almost anything as long as you pay for the call.    I look forward to hearing from you.


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