Back in the early 1970s black and white photography and darkroom work were the rage.  Darkroom equipment was reasonably inexpensive except for processing sinks, which even then could cost thousands of dollars.  Al Schwartz at Darkroom Aids Company in Chicago set us up to produce stainless steel sinks which were affordable and accessible to everyday photographers, students, and organizations on a budget.  The savings you can realize by buying one of our sinks can easily pay for an enlarger. 

In spite of their modest price these sinks hold up quite well to abuse and time.  Thirty years ago we installed dozens of our units at Columbia College in Chicago, they are mostly intact after all these years, in spite of almost continuous use by thousands of students and faculty.  With reasonable housekeeping care they should give you a lifetime of service. 

We sell these sinks a la carte.  You can buy the sink pan alone, a sink with a backsplash, or sink with stand and backsplash.  If you have some cabinets you can order a pan alone and set it up on top, or build your own stand if you are so inclined.

We custom build these sinks to your specifications.  Our price list indicates 24 sizes which give you an idea of the shapes we commonly make, but if you have a space which is 66 we can build the sink to fit that spot.  Sinks, stands and backsplashes are shipped broken down, so some assembly is required.  The dimensions we list are interior dimensions of the sink.  The sink usually has a 1 wide lip, which causes the sink to grow about two inches in length and width from the interior measurements.

Our sinks are made with 304 stainless, which holds up well to black and white and current color chemistry.  The stainless is a brushed polish finish.  Stands are made using galvanized steel legs and a pine frame.  The sink is supplied with a drain, and the position should be specified by the user depending on  where the drain stack in the room is located.  We usually suggest a left or right rear position, so you can pitch the sink slightly to make it drain completely.


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