We live on a farm, do lots of gardening and have  dogs and livestock.  Many things need washing around here, now and then the dog will run into a skunk, the tomatoes have to be rinsed before canning, and we found that a standard kitchen sink, bathtub or laundry room sink were totally inadequate for the washing needs our lifestyle  calls for.

One of the first things we installed when we moved here was a deep freestanding stainless sink which we designed around our Springer spaniels.  You can plop the dog in, rinse, lather and rinse again without having to bend over or kneel as with a bathtub.  During the summer we can  wash a bushel of tomatoes  and clean all the kettles and large pots which just won’t fit in the kitchen sink.  You can fill a five gallon bucket easily in this sink and use it for laundry applications.

We have a “standard size” for this sink which is based on  dog size and UPS shipping maximum  container size.  The standard sink is 35 1/4” x 11 3/4” x 20 1/2”.  It is 36” high.  It features a white melamine exterior with galvanized steel legs.  We have sold them to dog owners who wash their golden retrievers quite comfortably, so anything like a lab or golden should fit quite nicely.  As with all our products the size can be changed to the users specifications.


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